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Does Trump want a “KISS”?

According to, Gene Simmons has stated that the world-famous band was never asked to perform at Donald Trumps inauguration. This comes after claims that the band at “… politely declined.” the invite.

Because there were just rumors circulating, it was of course very up and down as to what the truth is. Which remained a mystery until early on the 3rd of January when FOX NEWS managed to get a hold of Gene Simmons with his wife and daughter and extract the truth.

Simmons told FOX NEWS “As far as I know, nobody ever called me,” he said. “I know Donald Trump, I know our president-elect well enough, I suppose, but I never got a call.“.

Almost sounding a little disappointed I would assume, but I would only speculate that may be because it’ll be such a publicly televised event.

Simmons continued with “The problem with even talking about this is everything has become so polarized. People should just give it a rest and stop trying to use politics or what our president-elect means or doesn’t mean as some kind of tool.“.

Now who can argue that the news has become very political, I mean we’re now fed versions of the truth from various political grounds, which can’t be good for anyone. So well done Gene, good point made!

But wait! … he didn’t stop there! “Look, a wake-up call is that al-Qaeda, al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and all the other bad guys in the world actually don’t make a difference between Republicans and Democrats or anybody; they just don’t like Americans. So maybe we should all sign up for the American political party and get used to it. We have a president-elect. Now let’s move on.

I don’t know if this is possible (because I’ve always liked the music of KISS) but I think I’m liking this guy more and more. Just such a realist am I right?

Well whatever the case, I’m sure the band were a little disheartened to have “never” gotten an invite but maybe next time eh guys?

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