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Pearl Jam Are Even More Awesome Than You Thought

So picture this. You’re a rather well respected lead singer of a band and your sailing in Hawaii with a few friends. The night started alright, but now its getting a bit late and the boat isn’t moored up, because you’ve been sailing. And if that wasn’t bad enough the wind has started to pick up as well.

Well this was the scene about 15 years ago. Singer of Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder) was the “respected lead singer” and was on the boat with his five friends. As predicted before the wind picked up and eventually capsized the boat. Now, whilst the boat did end up upright, it left both Eddie and two of his female friends stranded in the water for two hours with their boat drifted out of reach. It was after this time that the group’s cries for help were heard by a father and daughter who were also sailing nearby. Keith and Ashley Baxter managed to get Eddie and his two friends on board before starting after their drifted boat and the people it was carrying.

What an amazing father-daughter activity I bet he thought! Well all jokes aside it takes real guts to do what they did and I’m positive that everyone involved was very thankful for them being there.

… but wait …

I know they were !


So Keith Baxter was in a situation where he was going to struggle with medical bills recently due to a boating accident of his own which nearly left him with one leg but did leave him with a nasty bone infection. But by chance Keith’s daughter ran into one of the women her and her father rescued that fateful night who helped her setup a GoFundMe page which managed to raise $70,000 to help Keith. And when the band found out they only went and matched the donated $70,000 to help with the costs didn’t they! Making the total donated a whopping $140,000! It would appear, ladies and gentlemen, that life debts are actually a real thing to people! Good going all round I’d say!

This actually isn’t the first time the band has done something like this though. As Eddie Vedder was also in the news recently for sending a cheque for $10,000 to a single mother so she could buy christmas presents for her six children!

I think I speak for all of us when I say we definitely need more people like this in the world. Top job!

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