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Skillet At #1

Well it’s official Skillet have finally got the first number 1 song of their career on the Billboard‘s Hot Christian Songs chart! It’s especially amazing seeing as though it sat on the survey for 31 weeks, reports. And whilst it is the 25th Skillet song to hit the christian charts, it’s the only one to make it to number 1 in such charts.

But nevertheless a rock song getting to a number 1 spot in a christian chart is a feat no mere mortals can achieve!

I wonder how many people I just angered with that statement? Well my job is to call it like I see it, if you want sugarcoated news got to BBC or ITV.

ANYWAY… the song called “Feel Invincible” from their newest album called “Unleashed”, has certainly shown their rebel side. But in a very christian way? I’ll have to Google that to see if that’s a thing.

“Rebirthing” was their only other track that peaked even close and that stalled at the number 9 spot on 2007. Lead singer John Cooper had this to say:

We are thrilled to have our first No. 1 on Hot Christian Songs. It’s so cool to see the dedication of the fans and awesome to see a Christian rock song cross some huge boundaries. – John Cooper (Front-man of Skillet)

Accompanied by acts such as Zach Williams and Lindsey Stirling it was a triumph for John and the team most assuredly.


Well done guys and girls! everyone here is wondering what your plan is now?


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